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In the final days before the bill passed, who saved Obamacare? Catholic nuns. Sister Simone Campbell—one of the most charming, utterly down-to-earth, and profoundly committed people I've ever met—explains why. And in the process, she tells her own fascinating story, from an anti-segregation sit-in where, as a teenager, she decided to take her vows, all the way to the present and her delight in the joyous tone set by Pope Francis.

If you're glad that Obamacare is finally here—that millions of Americans are, at last, covered by health insurance—then you'll love this mini, Christmas-inspired episode of The Good Fight.

We'll be back on Jan 9 with the next full episode of the show, featuring a new Win Report, comedy, and fresh stories of people people changing the world. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe, post a review on iTunes, and start a petition with our sponsor and partner,

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Diet Coke. Cherry Coke. Voter Suppression Coke. Thanks to a brilliant grassroots campaign, one of these products has been discontinued. 

On this episode, recorded live at the Rootscamp activist summit, we take you behind the slingshot in the astonishingly successful fight to expose and shame the corporations backing the notorious American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC is the shadowy, far-right group behind crafted such state policy gems as Voter ID laws and Stand Your Ground—but because of our guest and his allies, it's on the retreat. Plus, the first cameo by Ben's two-year-old son Mac; a special three-person crowd-wowing edition of The Win Report, and a misadventure in skydiving. Listen, post a review, and spread the word!

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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand brings us inside her fight against military sexual assault. She's joined by Navy veteran Trina McDonald, whose story will break your heart—and then put it back together stronger.
If you saw Trina in the Oscar-nominated documentary The Invisible War, you've probably already realized it: you can't miss this episode. And if you've been reading about Senator Gillibrand and her battle to change the military justice system, this is where you'll find out why she'll never give up. 
Plus, before that story, it's everything you love about The Good Fight: a mind-bending descent into our secret underground studio, a glimpse of the NSA's World of Warcraft video game infiltration operation, and a classic Win Report with Garlin Gilchrist II of Plus an update on the fast food worker uprising. Tune in, fight back, and spread the word: episode 5 is the best Good Fight yet. 
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The podcast for people who want to fix not just a website, but the whole economy.
Does the Obamacare website make you want to sing? Don't answer. Just listen: we've taken care of that for you already. And once the music stops, it's time for a visit to an uprising in the underbelly of our unsurpassedly unequal economy: the great fast food strike of 2013. You'll meet a Taco Bell worker standing up for her rights, an powerhouse organizer working behind the scenes—and you'll take The Good Fight's soon-to-be-beloved McDonald's McResources McQuiz. 
Plus, a Win Report that examines the Obamacare predictions of noted health policy experts Michelle Bachman and Glenn Beck, welcomes the Arctic 30 as they bid a fond farewell to their Russian jail cell, and tells the (genuinely) heartwarming Thanksgiving story of a Pizza hut manager who did the right thing, lost his job, and fought back. 
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Has the so-called "nuclear option" destroyed all life in the U.S. Senate? If not, why is it empty this week? And speaking of military metaphors in politics: was the war on drugs ever good policy? Plus: what might be lurking in America's turkey this Thanksgiving, and what is it trying to tell us? We explore these questions and more in episode 3 of The Good Fight, featuring a classic Win Report with MoveOn's Garlin Gilchrist; an important message from a microorganism, and an in-depth interview with our featured guest: Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance. He'll blow your mind. Don't miss it.

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As seen by denizens of the far-right fever swamps of American politics, Obamacare is a terrifying nightmare—a nightmare Ben accidentally discovers on his way to the office. After a swashbuckling escape, he's joined by MoveOn's Garlin for the second, world-traversing Win Report, and then, for our epic story of the week, immigrant rights champion Prerna Lal. Prerna tells her own story, and takes us inside the movement that aimed for the DREAM Act... and won something called DACHA that changed millions of lives.

Plus, the debut of the Obamacare Defense League—a league composed of Good Fight listeners whose voices make an unforgettable case for not going back to the bad old days of American health insurance. 

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Gunfire, explosions, and the roars of marauding ultraconservatives fill the DC air as Ben  launches the first episode of The Good Fight. Then: a jam-packed hour featuring the inaugural Win Report, with's Garlin Gilchrist II; advice from Al Franken; and a mind-blowing perspective on Obamacare from legendary activist Heather Booth. Join the battle. Spread the word. The next era of human history starts now.

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Subscribe. Brace yourself. Post an early review, even, if you're feeling optimistic. Because The Good Fight, with Ben Wikler is about to arrive.

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